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Winkler had a population of 10,670 as of 2011. It’s the largest city in the Pembina Valley and the second-fastest growing city in the province of Manitoba. Industrial, health and education sectors are the main employers in the city of Winkler.

Do you need to complete a dealer trade and you don’t have a car carrier to ship your vehicle yet? Call eHaulers and we will get it done for you! Sign up today and start experiencing the benefits of eHaulers! Car dealerships solve their car shipping needs with eHaulers.The RAV4 is a compact SUV with sporty look. The Toyota RAV4 was first introduced in Japan in 1994 and was brought to the US in 1996.

The 2014 RAV4 is available in three rim levels: LE, XLE and Limited. All trims are available with a 2.5-liter, 176-hp inline-4 and a six-speed automatic transmission. Request a car shipping quote to transport your private vehicle, or sign in and post your auto shipping order and our car carriers will reply with their quotes. eHaulers makes car shipping easy.

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