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The annual Antigonish Highland Games are a tradition that has been held since 1863. The first games were organized to raise funds for the construction of St. Ninian's Cathedral. Antigonish is 161 km northeast of Halifax, in Nova Scotia. For several years now, the Town of Antigonish has been engaged in a dispute with Antigonish County over annexation and amalgamation. But if you want to ship a car, SUV or truck to or from Antigonish, you don´t need to dispute anything! It´s pretty simple: sign in to your account, post your auto transportation order, you will receive car carriers´ quotes and then you choose what the most convenient auto hauling option for you is!

The Honda Ridgeline is the first pickup truck of the Honda brand, and unlike most full-size pickups, it doesn´t have a separate bed, as the passenger cab and the bed are integrated. The Ridgeline has a half-ton bed capacity (1100 pounds) and 5000 pounds towing capacity, with a four-wheel fully independent suspension and an automatic Variable Torque Management 4-Wheel-Drive System (VTM-4WD) that can transfer up to 70 percent of the available torque to the rear wheels. Remember that you can always transport your big truck in a safe way. With eHaulers all is safe AND easy! We only work with certified car carriers, and we can get you trucks, SUVs or cars moved in no time, all around Canada.

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