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Steinbach had a population of 13,524 in 2011, being the third largest city in Manitoba. Steinbach is mainly an agricultural city, but it’s the fastest growing-city in Manitoba, with service and retail industries employing most of the working population. Request your auto shipping quote from eHaulers and transport your vehicles to Steinbach. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small car, an SUV or a big truck.

eHaulers will get it transported for you.The Rio is one of the lowest priced sedans in America, but that doesn´t take away its stylish look and excellent quality. Kia entered the American market in 1994, but as a matter of fact, Kia had previously had a vehicle in America: the Ford Festiva, which Kia built for Ford from 1987 to 1992.

Don´t know a good car carrier to transport your Kia Rio? eHaulers knows plenty of certified car carriers that will gladly help you! Post your auto shipping order and receive your vehicle transportation quotes. Make the best decision, using the services of the best car hauling load board in Canada, eHaulers!

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