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On eHaulers we are committed with our community of car dealerships and vehicle transport companies in Canada this is why our values are intended to create a stronger relationship with the people in our surroundings. We want to share our values with each person that is involve in the car transport business since we strongly believe that in order for us to be the number one load board providing an auto transport assistance we need the collaboration from everyone who visits us.


Being part of the car hauling industry involves transporting vehicles which are of a great monetary value, this is why we demand a lot of responsibility from our vehicle transport companies so they do not risk these assets. To drive in Canada the drivers must be certified to prevent any car accidents in the highways. We are a professional company and we want our car dealerships to rely on us whenever they need to transport any vehicles.


Nowadays we need to take advantage of our technological resources to become more productive this is why we offer to our customers the best technology available in order for them to be able to contact us at anytime from anywhere. This comes handy when shipping a car between provinces. Our technology value relays on keeping up with new technologies to provide honest and responsible communications with our auto transport companies.

We are always improving our website to offer the best service to our car dealerships and car haulers in Canada so they can have the most accurate information.


We are aware that being involved in the car transportation business is a job that is performed 24 hours a day all week long so we offer our customers the option to contact us at any time and we will provide them with car transport assistance. If they are looking for a quote or for any other matter we are available to them all the time.

Our car shipping experienced friendly staff is certified to solve any problem you may encounter in the transportation business contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


We understand that having accurate information when it comes to transport a vehicle in Canada is crucial this is why our system has been developed to provide all this information to our car transport companies. In case there is something that is missing they have the opportunity to reach the main contact in this case the dealerships.

However we will be more than glad to assist our community of car hauling companies if they need assistance.

Company's values of eHaulers

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