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Check the volume of gas/petrolin the vehicle. We recommend that youkeep it at approximately quarter of a tank. You will be charged according to the weight of the vehicle so if the tank is full during the move, this may present unnecessary risks and charges for you.

Make sure yourbattery is fully chargedand securely mounted.

Check that your radiator has an appropriate amount ofantifreezeand that there are no oil or other leaks.

If necessary, prepare the vehicle for the new climate including a check of antifreeze and coolant levels.Service your vehiclebefore your move to ensure that all is in working order.

Remove or protect any loose partssuch as spoilers, lights, antennas, mirrors, ground effects, spare tires and vehicle covers.

Wash your vehicle; it will make inspecting the vehicle easier on the day of the move.

Remove any valuable items or documents, including removable CD players, vehicle phones, GPS systems, antennas, and garage door openers.

If you follow these recommendations on car shipping you can make sure that the risk of something happening to it will be almost zero. There are always some events that we cannot foresee but we can make sure that we do the best to prevent accident when car shipping in Canada.

If you are working with a car dealership in Canada you already know these procedures to ship a car but you can always double check that these car shipping recommendations are being followed by your staff. Our car hauling companies are aware about all of the car shipping recommendations we can provide you however they can let you know if they have extra recommendations to prepare your vehicle for car shipping.

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