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Rolls Royce | Car Transport Companies in Canada | Auto Quote

What's more luxurious and opulent than a Rolls Royce? Well, nothing else really, except maybe gold-plated Porsche, but since they don't have a whole line of those yet, people tend to stick to Rolls Royces. Born out of the partnership between Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce, the company started out in 1906 in Britain.

Right from the start, they set out to build "the best car in the world” as the Silver Ghost was named. Attention to detail and outstanding performance meant that the Silver Ghost enjoyed success right from its launch in 1906.

As with many other car manufacturers, during the First World War, Rolls Royce was turned to war production, but instead of building cars, they build airplane engines like the Eagle which was used by half of the Allied fighters.

After the war, the company continued research in the engine department and came up with the "R” engine which was used in planes and cars to set new world records. Post war developed cars include the Phantom I and the Phantom II increasing production. Because the demand increased, Rolls Royce had to open up a second plant in America, in Massachusetts.


Another successful move was the acquisition of Bentley in 1931 which would later prove beneficial for both brands. For a long time Rolls Royces and Bentleys would be mechanically identical.


The R engine was eventually developed into the praised Merlin engine. It was during the Second World War that the Merlin really proved itself, as all Hurricanes, Lancasters and Spitfires involved in the Battle for Britain would be fitted with such engines. Royce would not live to see the success of his engine as he died in 1933, aged 70.


Car production resumed at Rolls Royce after the conflagration and, as sales were increasing steadily, the company opened up new plants in Crewe, Chesire along the one in Derby. The former would become the company's formal home starting with 1946. Models from this period include the Silver Wraith, the last car to have its body built by an independent coachbuilder. After this, all Rolls Royce cars would be built completely in-house.


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