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Are you shipping a vehicle internationally and are worried if your vehicle transport company is a legit car shipping company, or just a vehicle shipping broker trying to make a quick buck? Don’t ship your car overseas without reading this short guide!

There are too many things that can go wrong when shipping a car internationally – the vehicle can get stranded at the port due to incorrectly filed paperwork, seized by customs on either end, damaged or even taken into possession by a vehicle shipping company via lien sale. There are many horror stories about shipping companies holding a customer’s vehicle hostage until outrageous storage charges are paid, container sitting at the port due to forwarder’s negligence or unpaid shipping charges, etc.

Don’t let any of it happen to you. Don’t be a victim of vehicle shipping scams! Hopefully, the few tips below will help you to find a small reliable vehicle shipping company with a high safety record that is ready to do business with you.

It is very important that you look for car transport reviews form different car transport companies since it is a big responsability to take a vehicle for long distances.

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