Off Loading | Vehicle Inspection upon Delivery | Open and Enclosed Carriers

At the time of delivery, inspect your vehicle SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY and compare the condition and mileage against the "Original Inspection Report” provided by your car transport company at origination (ALSO INSPECT THE ROOF AND UNDER FRONT AND REAR BUMPERS). If there are inconsistencies, note them as exceptions and be sure the driver signs it. NEVER ACCEPT YOUR VEHICLE AT NIGHT IF YOU CANNOT VERIFY ITS CONDITION – without being viewed and signed by the driver, you have little recourse if damage had occurred during transit.

If you take picture of your vehicle you will be able to compare it at the end of the trip, all of this information must be written down on the condition report form of your auto transport company since in case the vehicle suffers from damage their insurance must pay for them so they prevent this expenses by using the condition report.

You also need to keep in mind what type of transportation you are using in case you are using an open carrier the vehicle is exposed this means that there can be rocks, dust or animals hitting your vehicle while being transported.

Off Loading | Delivery Inspection | Condition Report



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