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The circumstances under which Honda came to be are at least manga worthy. Torn by the World War II, the country was yet far from making a full recovery. Focusing all the resources that were left to rebuild what had been destroyed, Japan could hardly fill at once all the voids that had been created. The Japanese auto industry was dazed, many factories having had to convert to cater for demands in military vehicles and aircraft.


The open spots that war had created had to be occupied fast and Honda was quick enough to settle on grounds that would later witness its growth as the 5th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Soichiro Honda founded the company in 1948. The timing was perfect as many car or bike plants were destroyed during the war.


Focusing on developing a cheap indispensable vehicle, Honda strapped an engine to a bike, delivering a very efficient means of locomotion. Cheap and versatile, it set the cornerstone in Honda's incredible expansion. Ten years later, Honda would reach American land and establish the American Honda Co. World domination would naturally follow, made easy through clever subsidiary locations and dealership settlements.


The bloodhound-nosed company leader, Soichiro could sense that Honda would be big and committed to setting a new standard in car-production quality. This combined with his almost Napolean market take-overs proved to be a powerful concoction that allowed Honda to developed unabated by competition.


The brand became synonymous with usefulness and innovative engineering. The company's motorcycle division registered a tremendous sales increase, pushing Honda on the motorcycle manufacturer's podium. During the 1970's, Honda became the world's largest motorbike maker.


Its production of cars however, that had started during the 60's was slow at sparking as much attention as its 2-wheeled drives did. Although it had entered motor sport competitions, Honda cars failed to impress the average American driver. Having been designed for the Japanese market, the small-sized cars had little close to nothing to do against the large vehicles favored by the Americans.


In an effort driven by market-conquest desires, Honda launched the American-oriented civic, a larger model than any other previously released. Although still small compared to the US-made cars, the Civic became the first to attract the American buyer.


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