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eHaulers was created in 2007 with the idea of making car shipping hassle free. The founder, being a car hauler, understood what the shipping industry was missing. It all started when he was driving down the highway, thinking about all those times when his car hauler trucks had spots available to transport vehicles but there were no vehicles available at the time in his route. Then there were other times when there were a lot of vehicles, cars or trucks ready for shipment but there were no car haulers, car shipping or auto relocation truck in the right place to transport those vehicles. 

"There must be a better way to transport vehicles”… under this idea eHaulers was created. Everything started with the purpose of building a platform, a load board, for car dealers and car transport companies, where they can connect to get their vehicles relocated ASAP!

Fast deliveries will provide happy customers, and full trucks will result in happy drivers.

Now car transport companies won’t have empty spaces on their trucks and car dealers won’t have to wait to get their vehicles shipped, or to make thousands of calls to find a company that better suits their transporting needs; and this is how it all began.

Vehicle transport with eHaulers.


On September 2010 eHaulers was launched with 22 vehicle transport companies registered and ready to hit Canadian highways to ship vehicles all across the country, and around 300 car dealers set to start moving their cars.

Two years later eHaulers reached a total of 179 car shipping companies and more than 2,000 car dealers and our network keeps on growing day by day to make vehicle transport easier for all.

We are improving our system to make the interaction easier for our vehicle shipping community; that’s why we have a specialized team of account managers and system programmers whom will be on top of their game so you don’t have worry about anything when using our online load board system.

Now in 2017 with a new management and a new team we are working hard to make sure our registered car dealers and car haulers get top service.

Feel free to contact us at any time and we will provide you with the best car transport assistance in Canada.

Thank you for being part of the largest car shipping system in Canada.

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