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Meeting The Truck: Be On Time

Make sure you are on time to meet the driver and that your meeting spot is clearly defined and easy to get to for both parties. Remember the size and maneuvering restrictions for the truck. Not meeting the truck can delay delivery for not only your vehicle, but also all of the other customers whose cars are sitting on the trailer.


Releasing Your Vehicle: Do the Paperwork

Prior to leaving your vehicle with the car shipping company, be sure you receive an original inspection report. This report provides pick-up and delivery information, the vehicle’s current mileage, and most importantly documents the condition of your vehicle at time of pick-up – pre-existing scratches and dents, cracked glass/mirrors, general paint condition, etc. Keep this report and use it when you receive your vehicle. If you will not be receiving the vehicle, you should send a copy of this report to the person who will be.

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