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The story of Lamborghini is very close to a particular fairy tale involving magic beans, giant beanstalks and multi-million dollar exotic car empires. Ferrucio Lamborghini's "beans” were his outstanding repair skill and passion for mechanics that eventually got propelled him up the sports-carsstalk of standards and earned him a place in automotive history.


Born in 1916 in Italy, Feruccio's talent was first noticed during the First World War. Through a fortunate twist of fate he was stationed on the island of Rhodes which, because of its positioning, was a rather peaceful place compared to the mainland. His primary job was that of fixing broken engines task that he effortlessly completed, garnering the respect and admiration of his colleagues.


Upon returning to his home near Modena after the war, the mechanical whiz though of establishing his own business. He established a small motorcycle and repair shop that turned out to be a very profitable endeavor. Feruccio had become a somewhat prominent figure due to his mechanical skill which attracted most of clients.


His business later expanded with Feruccio setting a tractor manufacturing facility in response to Italy's great demand of farming implements. His tractors were built from war-waste and parts taken from derelict vehicles, wreckage, basically every piece of metal that could be saved and used for production.


By 1960, he had expanded in the heating and air conditioning business as well, both having turned out very successful. Feruccio's entry in the car-making business would soon come after he had build wealth. Connoisseur of everything mechanical, Ferrucio became disappointed with some of Italy's top car brands for the vehicles they delivered, particularly with their engines. Former owner of Oscas, Ferraris and Maseratis, Feruccio was well aware of car engineering at the time.


One day, Ferrucio decided to pay a visit to Fetrari owner, Enzo, following clutch-related issues he had encountered on one of his models. Enzo, who was not exactly known for his poise and diplomatic abilities, simply sent Feruccio for a walk. Enzo's behavior triggered Feruccio's ardent desire to build his own sports car, as an example of what one should really be built like. Fueled by rivalry and passion, the Automobili Lamborghini SpA was founded in 1963.


The plant was built in Sant'Agata near Bologna on a 90,000 square ft area. Employees were soon found to fill the factory that took only 8 months to erect. Among the people brought on the team were top engineers and former Ferrari-workers like Giotto Bizzarrini, Giampaolo Dallara and Giampaolo Stanzani.


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