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What's the difference between Bugatti and other automobile brands? Unlike his competitors, Ettore Bugatti did not design and build his cars, he "gave birth" to them. His ideas sprouted into a myriad of projects that would later outrun some of the best known automobiles on Europe's racing tracks.


The story of Bugatti is not that of a company that had to face countless financial problems, nor that of a company that spread all over the world by establishing sales venues or building plants across the Atlantic; the story of Bugatti is the tale of a rebellious visionary, of a young genius who could trace his origins back to a row of artists and artisans. Born in Milano, Italy, 1881, Ettore was the son of Carlo Bugatti who not only worked as a painter but also as a silversmith, sculptor and wood carver.


Still in his adolescence, Ettore was sent to study sculpture at the Brera Art Academy, but quite soon after that he discovered his passion for automobiles. Following his decision of becoming an engineer at the age of only seventeen, young Ettore started working and in only one year, he had designed and built a three-wheeled vehicle powered by two engines.


By the age of nineteen, Ettore Bugatti had just completed building his first real car. Deeming the overall technological development at the time - it was the beginning of the 1900's - his automobile seemed almost futuristic. The auto featured a four speed gearbox, a four-cylinder overhead-valve engine and a variety of engineering improvements that only a gifted builder could have come up with.

The aircraft company Hispano Suiza bought Bugatti in 1963 and in 1987 entrepreneur Romano Artioli purchased the rights to the Bugatti name and built a new factory in Campogalliano, Italy, to manufacture a new super car. In 1991 Bugatti unveiled the EB 110 supercar in Paris, celebrating the 110th anniversary of Bugatti Ettore's birth. In autumn 1995, Bugatti Automobili S.p.A files for bankruptcy and three years later German car maker Volkswagen, takes over the company in an effort to revive the sports luxury brand.

During the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti unveils the EB 16.4 Veyron model, with a 16-cylinder and four-turbo engine. In September 2005, the production of the Veyron 16.4 begins. The car receives several media praises and establishes itself as the most expensive contemporary production car while also holding the fastest production car title for 2 years, with a homologated top speed of 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph).

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