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1. Do internet research for keywords like car transport,auto transport,car shipping,auto shipping, car shipping companies, auto transport companies etc.
2. Take the help of friends who have used a car shipping company in the past, experience can be an usefull tool in some cases.
3. Scan through the dedicated car moving companies in the internet, be sure you gather as much information as possible.
4. Go through the local telephone book or other research resources you have in handy.
5. Choose a car transport company who has handled more than a hundred deliveries of vehicles and thus be un-experienced car transport company, most of the cases this companies provide a more efficient service.
6. The company should render quality shipping service and should also be economical remember the cost-benefit relationship should be the best available.
7. Never be tempted into straight away of accepting the lowest offer, low costs can be tricky.
8. Enquire in the market about the quality of service.
9. Compare the auto transport services & charges with those of other car transport companies, don't go with the cheapest or the most expensive, choose the one tha convinces you with their performance background.
10. Choose a vehicle shipping company that will deliver your car before you arrive, that way you will secure your comfort and avoid stressful delays.
11. Auto Transport Association and The Better Business Bureau will be able to guide you with respect to comments & complaints about the company.
12. Talk to the auto transport customer care, listen keenly as the answers given to your questions will make you grasp how perfect they are.
13. Get an online quote of transporting charges, which is usually free with most of thecar transport companies.
14. Ask the vehicle shipping companies for their insurance certificates.
15. Find out if the company is registered with US DOT and if a DOT and MC number is given to them.
16. Also find out if the car shipping company has the documentation to ship vehicles in the nation.
17. They should have a federal license as well as insurance and bond requirements.
18. The car shipping company should also have the correct court documents and cargo insurance coverage.
19. A fully legitimate vehicle transport company should have no problem with showing you these things.
20. If your auto shipping company is a middle man or a broker they will have a MC number.
21. Sometimes if you contact an international auto shipping company directly instead of through a broker, you may not enjoy any price reduction.
22. The auto transport company must have a skilled batch of professional drivers who can handle your vehicle in various climates environments.
23. Inquire about the various hidden costs in case in their presence. Be sure about the hidden costs before the pick of your vehicles.

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